EUR/USD – Best Asset to Start Trading

What’s the Best Asset to Start Trading With? If you’re interested in diving into the world of trading, selecting the right asset is crucial for your start. In this article, we’ll delve into why the EUR/USD currency pair is the ideal choice for beginner traders. We’ll explore the benefits of its high volatility, abundant liquidity, ease of technical analysis, and the availability of educational resources. Get ready to discover why EUR/USD serves as the perfect entry point to embark on your journey in the Forex world!

EUR/USD – Best Asset to Begin Trading

If you’re considering stepping into the trading realm, we’re here to show you why the EUR/USD currency pair is the best asset to kickstart your trading journey.

First and foremost, let’s understand what the EUR/USD pair is all about. Essentially, it represents the relationship between the Euro (EUR) and the United States Dollar (USD). It’s one of the most traded pairs in the foreign exchange market, famously known as Forex. But why is it so popular?

1- Volatility.

Volatility refers to the price variation when we seek to buy an asset to sell it at a higher price or sell an asset to buy it back at a lower price. Volatility is exactly what we seek to drive our operations.

The EUR/USD is renowned for its high volatility, meaning that prices are always on the move. This is fantastic for novice traders because higher volatility translates to more profit opportunities! It’s akin to an exhilarating roller coaster ride!

2- Liquidity.

Liquidity is the ability to convert something into cash, meaning having a counterpart to trade a specific asset, whether buying or selling.

Remarkably, the EUR/USD is incredibly liquid. This implies that there’s a substantial number of buyers and sellers ready to act at any given moment. With high liquidity, you won’t fret about finding someone to buy or sell your assets to. It’s as if the market is perpetually open.

3- Technical Analysis.

Technical analysis is a powerful tool for traders, and the EUR/USD is perfectly suited for this strategy. With a rich history and substantial participation in the market, technical patterns tend to repeat themselves frequently. This facilitates the identification of trends and entry and exit points in the market. It’s akin to having a treasure map. At Zero Markets’ channel, we offer comprehensive articles on technical analysis.

4- Available Educational Resources.

To top it off, opting for EUR/USD comes with the advantage of accessing a plethora of educational resources. From our E-book to Blog, there’s an array of materials available to help you better comprehend this pair and enhance your trading skills. It’s like having a personal tutor by your side!

Why EUR/USD is the Best Asset to Begin Trading With?

The high volatility, liquidity, ease of technical analysis, and available educational resources make this pair a smart choice for beginners. It’s worth noting that these pairs are exposed to significant macroeconomic events, unaffected by the noise of micro events or news. But of course, don’t forget to study, practice, and manage your risks!


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