The 6 Most Common Mistakes in the Financial Market

Discover the 6 most common mistakes that you CANNOT make in the Financial Market.
Investing can feel like hard work sometimes. Understanding jargon, carrying out research and preserving your capital are essential elements. You can expect to win in some situations and lose in others along your financial journey; Even the most experienced investors go through this. However, to increase your chances of long-term success, it is crucial to avoid the most common mistakes in investment portfolios and in your operations. In this article, we will cover the six main challenges that I am always aware of.

01) Not knowing when to leave

Buying assets is easy, but knowing when to sell is challenging. Therefore, it is essential to have a defined exit strategy for your operations, even before making the purchase. This approach helps prevent your emotions from interfering with your investment goals. Impulsively selling during a market crash or holding assets beyond the appropriate time can result in the worst outcomes for your investments.

02) Giving in to Confirmation Bias

Believe it or not, we have a natural inclination to seek agreement. It’s no surprise, then, that we tend to look for information that confirms our investment choices, ignoring what doesn’t line up. This characterizes confirmation bias, which can be disastrous when combined with knowledge arrogance, where individuals with limited knowledge begin to consider themselves experts. This becomes particularly problematic during market bubbles, when people ignore warning signs and continue to buy overvalued assets, convinced that they are right. The best way to avoid this bias is to actively seek out opinions that contradict your own, seeking to understand both sides of the argument.

03) Getting Stuck in Analysis Paralysis

At the opposite end of the spectrum, some people feel the need to acquire exhaustive knowledge before making any decision. This approach actually prevents some people from starting their investments. However, it is important to understand that there will always be uncertainty in the investment world, and this is perfectly normal. Investing requires taking considered risks and accepting that it is not possible to have all the answers. It’s a combination of science and art: data is collected, numbers are analyzed, but it is also essential to trust intuition at certain times. The need to know all the details before entering the market can result in missed investment opportunities. To achieve success, it is crucial to know when to act based on the information available. Sometimes the best decision is to recognize that making mistakes is part of the process, as long as they are approached carefully and serve as learning along the way.

04) Believing in Stories Outside the Curve

We’ve all heard of investing legends like Howard Marks or Warren Buffett who always seem to outperform the market. However, let’s be realistic: these are the rare unicorns of the investment world. Time is the best judge of investment skill, and many star fund managers are eventually considered to be in the right place at the right time. In other words, its stars shine and dim quickly. So, instead of focusing on success stories of 16-year-old investors who became millionaires buying cryptocurrencies, direct your focus to personal development. The market is constantly changing, and it is unlikely that these same “prodigies” will be able to replicate such feats. Follow your plan and chart your own path.

05) Obsession with the Negative

Loss aversion is a reality. The pain of a loss can be psychologically twice as intense as the satisfaction of a gain. This is why we often fixate on negative news and worry about market declines. The fact is that there will always be bad news and reasons for concern, such as pandemics, political instability and various disruptions. However, trying to time the market or waiting until negative news passes can result in missed opportunities. Markets have a tendency to recover more quickly than we might anticipate. Therefore, in general, it is wiser to relax and wait to see how events unfold. After all, time on the market is what really matters, not market momentum.

06) Believing that More Investment Means More Diversification

Diversifying your investments is like having a safety net for your money, reducing the risk of a catastrophic crash. However, this protection is not achieved by simply owning a large number of different stocks. What really matters are the types of stocks that make up your portfolio. A portfolio of 15 US technology stocks, for example, will not have as robust a safety net as one made up of 15 stocks from varying sectors or spread across different countries and asset classes. To achieve true diversification, it is essential to own assets that are not strongly correlated with each other, that is, that do not react in the same way to different market environments.


These were the six essential challenges that every investor and trader needs to keep in mind when entering the financial market. Do a mental exercise: evaluate whether any of your previous operations were impacted by any of these factors. Share in the comments any other examples that you remember.


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