Where to Invest $10,000 Dollar Now?

According to Russ Koesterich (Portfolio Manager, BlackRock Global Allocation Fund) – Invest in New Leaders

In Russ’ view, the road to economic recovery will inevitably see market gains, creating new opportunities for new leaders to emerge in a post-COVID world. He suggests looking for market segments that were lagging behind last year but will benefit from growth in economic recovery.

To set the scene, the road to economic recovery is built based on an accelerating vaccine rollout program, backed by record-low interest rate and unprecedented stimulus bolstering stronger consumer demand and confidence.

The upbeat job data and reduced claims for unemployment benefits showed healthy signs for a reviving workforce and productivity levels. Households spending is also supported by manageable debt levels, the highest saving rate since the early ‘70s, and record-low debt servicing costs.

The manufacturing sector has also supported household demand, particularly for durable goods. Recent ISM manufacturing survey has shown robust signs for manufacturing orders. Hence, a combination of consumer spending and low inventory levels should continue to support the manufacturing sector as a whole.

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